The Human Team

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The Human Team

Our team seeks to create a working environment characterised by labour relations that favour professional and personal development, respect the principle of equal opportunities and promote a safe and healthy working environment.

At Costa Blanca Tour Services (CBT´S) everyone has the same possibility of being part of this organisation, regardless of sex or age. All the guides hired are from the local community, a mix of professional guides, veterans and young people. Tour guides with a lot of enthusiasm, experience, energy and desire to show the visitor all our world. We cover up to 12 languages. Some bilingual who know how to interpret, advise and accompany on the best excursions in southeastern Spain. Professionals who know our heritage and our geography in the areas of Castellón, Valencia, Alicante, Benidorm, Costa Blanca and the Region of Murcia.

CBT´S does not make any distinction by sex and in all the cases the established remunerations surpass in a wide way the minimum established in the minimum interprofessional salary (MIS).



Principle of Equality and Conciliation (Equality Plan).

Equal opportunities, the reconciliation of personal and professional life and diversity are basic pillars in people management.

In order to establish a commitment to the aforementioned, as well as to equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, CBT´S allocates the necessary resources to the drafting and implementation of the Equality Plan.

This plan is being designed on an equal footing with the support of all to ensure that the principle of equal opportunities is present in all areas in which the company operates.

The equal opportunities plans of Costa Blanca Tour Services are committed to achieving real equality in the group through their areas of action, developing actions related to promotion and training, remuneration, the promotion of the reconciliation of personal, family and working life, occupational health and the prevention of sexual harassment and sexual harassment and, finally, communication.


Occupational Health and Safety

For CBT´S, the health of users who receive a daily guided tour is so important that it has formally established a commitment to the health and safety of the people who make up the organization through the Occupational Health and Safety Policy.

For this reason, it has an Occupational Health and Safety policy as a result of its Quality Policy, aimed at constantly improving working conditions and the level of protection of its workers and their personal satisfaction and motivation, as well as that of users in their environment.

It involves and raises the awareness of all the people who, with the contribution of their effort, dedication and ideas, contribute to the company’s carrying out its work in safe and competitive conditions, as well as the citizens who take part in the excursion, starting from the basic principle that the best productivity is achieved with the greatest safety.

In order to achieve this objective with guarantees and promote the continuous improvement of working conditions, Costa Blanca Tour Services is firmly committed to the implementation of a Risk Management System.

It is the duty of all workers in the organisation to fulfil the missions and obligations that emanate from common sense, the Law and the procedures of the system, providing possible improvements to make our Company an economically viable, socially committed and ethically sustainable organisation.

Our principles pursue:

  • Provide an adequate framework for strict compliance with the legal requirements applicable to the company, especially in those more sensitive to a society with “0” risk tolerance, such as environmental aspects, labor and social commitment.
  • Provide the necessary internal resources (helmets, knee pads, reflective vests) for the development and improvement of the Risk Management System.
  • Guarantee the participation and information of all workers, as well as the right to be consulted, in order to achieve continuous improvement of the Management System.
  • Establish Risk Management as an integral part, under equal conditions, of the rest of the company’s activities.
  • To inculcate in each worker the imperative need to assume their responsibility to work safely, based on their training and instructions received.


Management of Occupational Safety issues.

All formal agreements with workers’ representatives when this issue is the subject to be dealt with include as basic and essential aspects those related to strict compliance with current legislation on occupational safety and health.

The formal agreements contemplate many matters subject to privacy and data protection, which can be established in an absolute manner that any aspect related to occupational health and safety is dealt with in its entirety without any limitation provided that it conforms to the legislation in force in the matter.

The main measure adopted by the Organization to exercise freedom of association and collective bargaining is its Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, by virtue of which any conduct that does not favor, harms or simply hides the performance of activities contrary to workers’ rights is denounced and submitted to the corresponding investigation procedure.

To date, no facts of this nature have been recorded.


Code of Ethics as added value.

It is a challenge to subscribe to the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and to adapt it in a pioneering way to the reality of our Community. The challenge of assuming the construction of a new tourism story based on ethics, sustainability and social responsibility.

We are a Mediterranean society and territory that bases its tourist vocation on the culture of hospitality.  The world is changing at a dizzying speed, but the tourist attitude must be armed with the universal values and principles that inspire the Code of Ethics.

What is more, they are values that absolutely inspire the new Law on Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality, as well as a differentiating factor of our proposal as a singular tourist destination.

This is a time of transformation and change management. New governance, leadership of the sector, digital revolution, competitiveness, innovation, professionalisation… our agenda is as extensive as it is in need of ethical criteria.

Assuming the code is not just an administrative act. It is a change of individual and collective mentality: an enormous and exciting operation of renovation of the tourist economy. This code will make us stronger as a tourist destination and as a receiving society.

(Official Guides of the Valencian Community)

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