Respect for the Environment

Respect for the Environment.

Costa Blanca Tour Services (CBT´S) has always had the value of the environment very much in
mind. It is therefore not only part of its mission, vision and values, but has carried out various
actions in order to increase energy savings in its facilities, increase the collection and treatment
of waste generated in the office, recycle obsolete mobile phones and reduce paper

In addition, CBT´S actively participates in Foundations and Business Organizations that promote
quality management, respect for the environment and R+D+i. During 2017, 2018 and 2019, no noncompliance with environmental regulations or legislation has been identified.

We understand that education is in the first place to be considered as ambassadors of their
habitats and help raise awareness of the population of their state in nature thanks to guided
tours of natural parks in the Valencian Community. Nowadays most of the activities carried out
(transport, industries, consumption) contribute to climate change and with it modify the habitat
of the different autochthonous species present in the area. Costa Blanca Tour Services wants to
promote sustainable tourism, so we see it necessary to assume the responsibility of offering
activities with a low carbon footprint for all nature lovers.

Our social commitment is to provide new knowledge, improve the care and welfare of flora and
fauna and inform and raise awareness throughout society, with the aim of improving the
conservation of species and their natural habitat.

The raison for being a Costa Blanca Tour Services is the conservation of the the
conservation of the environment, through the generation of knowledge, direct action and the
creation of fun, educational and illustrative experiences that encourage respectful attitudes
towards ecosystems in society as a whole.


Climate Change.

CBT´S is really aware of mitigating the consequences of climate change, as it directly affects the
development of the activity. For this reason, energy management measures are being put in
place, as well as the calculation of this organisation’s carbon footprint.

The objective of CBT´S with the calculation of the carbon footprint has two purposes: on the one
hand, it allows to know the organization, so that the main points of improvement are identified
both environmentally and economically (normally, a reduction in energy consumption and/or
raw materials is associated with economic savings); and on the other hand, to communicate to
users and workers the impact on climate change of the organization, which allows to
demonstrate its environmental commitment.

Our goal is to promote climate action and adopt measures to combat climate change, its effects
and, above all, to raise public awareness through ecological routes that show the uniqueness of
our environment.



The entire human group of Costa Blanca Tour Services is aware of and is committed to a circular
economy model, guaranteeing the best quality of the facilities it manages, trying to reduce both
the consumption of materials and the recovery of the waste produced.



This social trend, based on the need to reduce both the input of materials and the production
of waste, should generate an analysis of the life cycle of the activity, so that the ecological
aspects of resources become fundamental in decision-making processes.


Principles of Responsibility.

Public Administrations require Costa Blanca Tour Services S.L. to be responsible for three

Economic Responsibility:
To achieve efficiency in a socially responsible manner, making rational use of resources, avoiding
wastage in the use of energy, reusing and recycling raw materials.
It also means using labour under fair conditions and paying a fair price to suppliers for their
products, services or raw materials.

Social Responsibility:
The responsibility of the company from a political and socio-cultural point of view implies
respect for the legislation in force, respect for social customs and cultural heritage, as well as
involvement in political and cultural life.

Environmental Responsibility:
Any decision or action taken by any organization will have an impact on the state of the
environment, either through the natural resources used, or through pollution caused by services
or products generated.

The company must contribute to sustainable development, satisfying today’s needs without
compromising those of future generations.

It is in everyone’s hands to adopt a model of life integrated into the habitat, hence this first
effort by CBT´S to reflect its commitment to this new conception of its activity.

The organization commits itself to:
• Ensure the improvement and protection of the Environment
• Minimize the environmental impact of all the activities it carries out

CBT´S has made a commitment to current and future generations through its Sustainable
Development policy. It consists of an intelligent combination of technological progress and
respect for the environment. So much so that budgets and investment plans include and
prioritize items aimed at quality management, energy excellence and respect for the

But respect for the environment does not end here, CBT´S is a challenge in constant evolution and therefore its work will focus on the search for new energy practices and the implementation of cleaner forms of energy. In order to achieve the established goals, programmes are being set up, for which it is providing the necessary resources.


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