CO2 absorption and reforestation project


The importance of the environment

Costa Blanca Tour Services (CBT’S) has always been aware of the value of the environment. This is why it is not only part of its mission, vision and values, but it is also really aware of mitigating the consequences of climate change, as it directly affects the development of the activity. For this reason, energy management measures are being implemented, as well as the calculation of the carbon footprint of this organisation.

The objective of CBT’S with the calculation of the carbon footprint has two purposes: on the one hand, it allows to know the organization, so that the main points of improvement are identified both at an environmental and economic level (normally, a reduction in the consumption of energy and/or raw materials is associated with an economic saving); and on the other hand, to communicate to the users and workers the impact on the climate change of the organization, which allows to demonstrate the environmental commitment of the organization.

Our goal is to promote action for the climate and adopt measures to combat climate change, its effects and, above all, to raise awareness among the population so that they take care of the uniqueness of our environment.

Any decision or action taken by any organisation will have an impact on the state of the environment, either through the natural resources used or through the pollution caused by the services or products generated. The company must contribute to sustainable development, meeting the needs of today without compromising those of future generations.

It is in the hands of all to adopt a model of life integrated into the habitat, hence this first effort of CBT’S to give shape to its commitment to this new conception of its activity.

The organization is committed to:
– Ensure the improvement and protection of the Environment
– Minimize the environmental impact of all its activities

For all these reasons, I am asking for a grant to promote CO2 absorption projects based on reforestation by sowing Quercus ilex ballota on burnt forest land by the year 2021. Click here to contribute.

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