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Presentation of Costa Blanca Tour Services (CBT´S).

Costa Blanca Tour Services (CBT`S) is a company located in Benidorm and since it began its activity in July 2010, is the largest company in Segway activities in the region of the Marina Baja and one of the companies with the best performance of the entire Alicante white coast, through which have passed more than 5,000 people from all parts of the world to make routes only in the municipality of Benidorm and more than 10,000 people throughout the Valencian Community and Region of Murcia.

This organization has staff with more than 20 years of experience in the tourism sector. Over the years, this organization has expanded its routes through different municipalities of the Valencian Community, even reaching Cartagena in the Region of Murcia, reaching the figure of 10,000 customers over these 9 years for the implementation of excursions in segways as its main activity and cruises shore excursions.

As for Segways, they also help companies to grow through dynamic advertising with Segways “Street Marketing”, selecting the target audience, taking the message where no one can do it, capturing the clientele they need with a unique and innovative means that no one knows thanks to the visual impact they offer. With all this, they help to advise and coordinate the advertising campaign promoting the brand from beginning to end.

It also focuses its activity on tourist guide services to interpret, advise and accompany the best excursions throughout the southeast of Spain. It has the best professionals with knowledge of the heritage and geography of the areas of the Valencian Community and Region of Murcia.

It has assistance and transfer to airport, port or bus or train station, with expert guides and connoisseurs of the area to facilitate all formalities and transfers.

They have hostesses, either local or native guides to assist the client in their destination hotel and offer the best information with good local knowledge to satisfy any client’s question.

They help to organize and structure congresses, events or incentives, as well as the choice of hotels adapted to the needs of the client, since they do not belong to any public organization or holding and they have all the freedom to advise the hotel that best adapts. They also help in the choice of the best restaurants, party halls, choice of buses, local excursion programmes and the choice of sounds, tents and orchestras.

And finally, another of its activities is the rental of the latest technology transmitters or wireless equipment “radio guides” to offer our customers a high quality service in their activities.

Costa Blanca Tour Services S.L. was established in La Nucia by public deed on July 1, 2010, has indefinite duration and is domiciled in the street Tramuntana Nº 62 of the municipality of La Nucia, however, it should be noted that the address of operations is located at Avenida Dr. Severo Ochoa 13, C.P. 03503 next to the festival hall of Benidorm Palace and the circus Benidorm.



The investment made in 2016 for the purchase of 6 new original segways of the latest generation is noteworthy, which in addition to becoming one of the attractions of the organization, is an engine in the return on investment and becomes an indisputable reference in the company.


Mission and Vision of Costa Blanca Tour Services.

We live in a globalized world where the earth changes and is threatened by the impact of human activity and it is essential to raise awareness of all to transform our profitable activities to ensure the sustainability of life on the planet.

Contributing to change this state of affairs is one of the main reasons why we exist.

Vision: To create sustainable tourism that is healthy and prosperous for the environment and, to this end, to be a reference entity at all levels in generating knowledge and awareness of environmental issues as the spearhead of environmental tourism.

Mission: To make as many people as possible available for excursions with no impact on greenhouse gas emissions, as well as zero dumping of waste, to generate changes in attitude towards sustainability and make segway routes through natural parks to raise awareness of the planet’s biodiversity.



With all this and in terms of size and structure, Costa Blanca Tour Services seeks to achieve excellence in all its activities, a requirement that is not only reflected in the economic results for 2018, but also reflected in the increase in the average workforce.


Material Themes and Stakeholders.

Costa Blanca Tour Services understands “relationship group” or “interest group” to mean any person or group with the capacity to significantly affect the achievement of the organisation’s objectives and the success of its strategy and, in the opposite sense, any person or group that may be affected by its activities.

The interest groups defined by CBT`S include public administrations, customers, suppliers, employees, neighbours, non-profit organisations, the media and society in general.

For the definition of these groups, CBT`S has focused its study and analysis on all those social and sectorial groups or referents that directly or indirectly affect the quality and guarantee of continuity of the services provided, or are active or passive recipients of them, or of their social, labour and environmental implications.

In order to minimize any negative impact, CBT`S always seeks dialogue with these groups, establishing channels for proper communication, allowing the identification of their needs and expectations in their relationship with the company, to meet them as far as possible. To this end, they are taken into consideration when establishing objectives and actions, as well as from the point of view of communication, so that the relationship groups have up-to-date information on these key issues.

The results of the Costa Blanca Tour Services ratings for the 2018 financial year were 5 stars out of 5.


External initiatives and affiliations to associations.

CBT`S voluntarily submits itself to regular and continuous accredited inspections carried out by professional associations of natural parks in the Valencian Community.

The accreditation process is an independent verification that has been achieved by exceeding the established standards of environmental care.

We have made alliances and agreements with different Associations, foundations and Universities, both national and international, aligned with our mission and vision facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Costa Blanca Tour Services is present in various associations and organizations of the business sector, both provincial and national, which demonstrates its interest in increasing knowledge of its environment, as well as offering society in general that service according to perceived demands.

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